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UNO Reverse Card-Tips and Tricks

 If you have doubts about the rules of the game or a UNO that you are looking to increase your chances of winning, then you are in the right place.

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To finish the game

The first player to play all the cards in his hand, held it with one another, and the scores in the points once again through the eyes of the majority of us. The first player to earn 500 points wins the game.

How to play the game online to be configured

Reserved and he fears that the change is determined player. A player with the highest number on the card to the dealer. If a player draws the card number there is a special, one who does not have, like, an actor, and he shall return into the bottom of the deck and the player is to draw a card from the card. Two or more persons to conduct manufacturing the same, pull the player must place the new cards, which draws another card football player.

After selecting the dealer, who has seven cards for each player. We shall discuss the rest of the face-to-face. These cards called "a plan". He formed the first card vendor file system file sets before. Wild card or let it be a wild card 4, characterized by a mass medium card.

If the starting card is not inverted, the first play of the player to the left of the dealer. Kickback or if it is not to the player to play the active, that is, when a man comes to the right of the dealer.

For a man that is a merchant, a common rule to move clockwise a merchant, Or the ends of the dui, while the merchants of so many of her left hand. While the need is no need to either multiplying the sum and as a builder of human happiness card.

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How to play Uno 

How to play the Uno cards? You need to know how many ways UNO cards for games and cards are played.

How to Play UNO Cards - the card games UNO is one of the most popular in the world, it is suitable for all ages. Here are the details on how to play with the cards the number of game cards.

So, how many cards do you have?

Uno is one of the most popular card games in the world.

Every game begins with the player as much as a handful of 7 cards. To play, match with one of your cards solution. He who becomes the bow, the conqueror of the fear of all the circles are. All players can collect their results. In the game player a set continues to someone reaches the goal, say points So when you get to the hang of it, try to change that state.


How to play the UNO cards?

The goal is to get rid of cards in one of her before anyone else. There are many important cards that you can use, and others are able to collect their cards that they can use it against you. Firstly it is truly immersive and fun. Easy to learn.

Shuffle the cards laid seven cards for each player. In one, shake off the card package, and that the total of 108 cards. Deal seven cards to every person who is playing.

Keep the rest of the cards in the midst of the one on the table. In the face of the card stack of persons upon him. Bow tie draws a lot in these areas.

Remove the card in the stack drawn to start the game. Card keep it from the pile of first-place votes (out). You need to use it to start the game card is a pile of waste.

Divide the card with a pair of is the color, the shape, or number of the open card. The dealer is the player to the left to open the card into the midst of the A table that is the cause of the problem is equal to nine, the number of a figure used in word or in the center of the card into his hand. Ask to be put in the card file discarded and where there is a card in the hand of the next player to be able to play.

Select a card in the stack. If you can not play it. If you do not have a card that matches your card on the top

Focus on other cards as well. In addition to the basic cards which has numbers on it, there are three action cards. If you play wild card, you can choose the color of the next match. If you place a card in 2: Go, draw two cards from the deck and the player jumps again. If you want to play the reverse card and change the story, until it happens again in front of her, then another. Fortunately, different things happen on the map in the same way, there are two weapons. Ignore if you get a card from a slash circle card again, so the next player should skip it.

Say UNO if there is only one card left. Keep playing until the player has only one card in his hand. In this case, the player must say "UNO" or be penalized if the other player calls them now. If a player forgets saying "UNO", give him both cards are in his hands from the deck as the penalty. 

Once you have only one card (and now they call you "UNO"), wait for the game to start and return to yourself. If you can play your last card before everyone else, you will be the winner! If you do not play the last card, continue until the second card in his hand is empty.

Special Cards

uno special cards

UNO skip card

There are also 8 Skip cards, two for each color. When there is a card of the same suit or another card to jump on the same pile. Their effect is that the next player skips his turn.

It should be noted, before continuing, that when playing between two players only, the reversed cards and the Skip cards have exactly the same effect: the effect of forcing the opponent to skip a turn and therefore to discard two. times in a row. However, when played with more than two players, the effect is obviously different.

UNO reverse card

In each deck there are 8 different cards, two for each suit present. They are represented by two arrows going in opposite directions from each other. You can discard them when there is already a card of the same suit or another Reverse card on the table, and they have the effect of reversing the direction of rotation (clockwise to counterclockwise and vice versa).

uno reverse card

 UNO draw two card

The Draw Tvo card is reminiscent of the Invert and Jump cards: there are 8 of them, divided into four colors. They have a two card symbol in the center and a plus two sign (+2) in the upper left and lower right corners.

You can discard them whenever you want, as long as the color matches the color of the last card you discarded. They force the next player to draw two cards and skip the turn.

Wild Draw Card 4

Wild Draw Four cards are very similar to those that have been changed in color. They have a black background and there are actually only four. They have the power to make the next player draw four cards and make them skip the turn, while whoever discards them has the option of deciding the flush color for the next player.

UNO change Color Card (wild card)


The Wild Card in the UNO game changes the color of the card (also known as the Wild Card) is different from the ones we have presented so far. In fact, there are only 4 in the game, and none of them have a certain color: their background is black, and inside there is an oval circle that contains the 4 colors of the game, that is. Red, blue, yellow, and green.

The joker can be played at any time, even if you have another card you can use and any card at the top of the middle stack. Those who discard the Change Color card have the right to choose the next player's color.

However, the scariest and perhaps most important cards in the UNO deck are the "Draw Two" and "Wild Draw 4" cards. 

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