Thursday, 29 October 2020

Task manager shortcut, Keyboard shortcut for task manager

 What is Task Manager?

The Task Manager is an essential Windows tool that provides access to the following features:

task manager shortcut

Processes: Displays the processes currently running on the system. For each process we have: the rate of use of the processor, memory, disk, network as well as energy consumption. Right-clicking on a process provides access to additional options (such as ending the process in question).

Performance: Displays the overall utilization rate of CPU, memory, disks, and network as graphs.

Application history: displays a history of the resource utilization rate of each application.

Startup: allows you to enable or disable automatic execution of applications when Windows starts up .

Users: Displays the currently logged in users, the processes they are running, and their rate of use of system resources.

Details: displays information about the processes running on the PC.

Services: displays the services currently running on the PC. It is possible to start, stop and restart each service by right-clicking.

Various types of task manager shortcut

1: via a keyboard shortcut

2: via the taskbar

3: via the Quick link menu

4: via the Windows Security screen

5: via Research

6: via the Run command

7: via File Explorer

8: via the Control Panel

9: via command prompt or PowerShell

10: via the Start menu

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