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How to screenshot on HP Laptop-Simple and Easy methods

 How to screenshot on HP laptop?

Taking a screenshot with the print button. Screen and editing software

Taking a screenshot refers to saving an image displayed on a computer screen by pressing the print key which is at the top right of the keyboard.

Open image editing software such as Paint, or other

Press the Ctrl + V keys on your software keyboard (or click the Edit menu and paste).

Optionally sculpt it before saving it as JPG or PNG if you do not want to change it.

Taking a screenshot with the Windows + Print buttons. Screen

There is a way to go even faster with Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10. Press the Windows key button which is on the keyboard and press the key at the same time. Screen: Captures what is on the computer screen and saves screenshots of the images folder as an image in the subfolder.

If you are looking to capture the active window, press the print key instead of the entire screen. Screen but alt and print screen keys at the same time.

how to screenshot on hp laptop

How to take a screenshot on a computer

Takes screenshots with the capture tool in Windows 7 and Windows 10

The Windows capture tool is used to create an image copy of the items displayed on the screen or screen, so you can quote it. To get started, click the Start button next to All Programs, Tools, and Capture Tools. Or type "Extract" in the "Type here to search" search bar.

Then select "Screen Capture Tool". A small window appears when a white wheel separates the screen and the mouse cursor turns cross.

Select the area of ​​the screen to hold the mouse. As soon as you release the mouse button, this image will appear in the software window.

You can draw that picture, locate the text in some places, or highlight the paragraph. Use an eraser to erase what you did if you made a mistake.

To save the image to your hard drive, click the Capture Disk Save button. It can be copied or pasted into an email message by selecting Edit and then copying and using to another software such as Paint.

how to screenshot on hp laptop
Take a screenshot

Sometimes we have to take screenshots and send directly to contact through email or save on the laptop. Although it is very easy on a smartphone, sometimes you can get some complicated issues on your computer. We will explain in a simple way

You want to take screenshots on your computer, but you don't know how. We have explained the process to be done, but especially how to store the documents. If you are looking to take a screenshot, you have the "Print Screen" key, which usually appears next to the F12 key at the top right of your keyboard.

Press this key to take a screenshot and your document will be automatically copied. Open Paint or Word to paste the document. You can save and / or modify this document. 

Press the fn key between the command key and the Windows screen key (and +).

When the capture is complete, go to Paint or Word and paste the recording to capture. Hope you understand

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