Friday, 18 September 2020

how to hack instagram account-Simple and Easy methods

There are many ways to hack Instagram accounts. I'll show you two easy methods, which are currently in use.

Phishing page

How to hack instagram account,

The technology phishing page is that looks like the original Instagram.

When you are logged in, you know the rest of the story. You may think I'm stupid to log in to a page like this, I'm not, I believe, but these guys are smart when it comes to fooling people, they can tell you that you have 1000 followers if you look there. How you found out about hacking.

How to hack an instagram account

Hacking is not appropriate for these questions. Still, I can say that my curiosity helped me to explore the whole internet - huge and free library, you can spend time watching cat videos, or you can learn something new; it's all yours Regarding allocating effort and time, which program is most often used in the video, AirCrack and it is fully configured for Ubuntu Linux.Instagram accounts

Do intense sucking when taking seeds. You know it would be more enjoyable. Here I will tell uw to hack someone Instagram account in a few steps, and boom, you have a password.

There are so many sites and apps they claimed they could hack . But they are not correct ; they do not work.

These apps and websites may force you to download malicious software that could harm your phone and steal your information instead of hacking into someone else's account.

How our passwords are stored in the database. It will help you to understand why these hacker apps are not true use Instagram as an example in our description.

Instagram will not save your password. But it also stores the hash of the password. Hash is a cryptographic function. This is a mathematical algorithm that maps data.

Let's think of a hash as a program. It takes the string Password, in our case and it provides another line, and it looks like this.

This means Instagram will save your password. In such a cryptographic format. And not just Instagram anything else Good and safe sites Your RAW password will not be saved.

When you open an account you will give information about your birthday. You write your name, your email address, and finally, your password. The moment you click "Register." The password goes through the hash program. Hash password along with all your information. Sent and stored in the Instagram database.

Keylogger technology

When you want to login to your Instagram account the moment you click login. The password you wrote in the browser or application. Hash along with your username or email address Sent to Instagram servers and if such a combination is found, you are in (authorized). Wait for though guy that everyone calls a hacker.  

Whose account has access? Well, he stole the password. These guys use password-stealing methods.

I will mention some ways to steal passwords and information technology. But I will not go into details.

This is a fake website, just like the original. The site owner may steal your password if you get there so never enter your information to the suspicious link, to the link someone sent you. Keylogger is a computer program. The software is installed on the victim's phone or computer, and it runs behind.

It records everything, whatever you type on the keyboard.

You must have physical access to someone else's computer to install the keylogger.

Do your research on these data theft methods.

Be careful when using them. If you have already installed these programs that claim to crack passwords, delete them.

Scan your computer or phone with an antivirus program since it can be a keylogger, And you may be a victim to someone else.

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