Friday, 18 September 2020

How to activate Airtel Sim-Simple and easy methods

 If in the case of prepaid, it will get activated within 5 minutes using aadhar based activation.

How to activate airtel sim

Visit the Airtel store with your aadhar card, take your sim activated, and dial 59059 for data activated consent.


Tele verification is not needed in the case of Aadhar based activation.


In the case of postpaid, it might get some more time but won’t be too much. When you receive a sim, you need to wait for twenty-four hrs. Soon when you receive the signals, Dial 59059, and complete the tele verification of your number. It will require you to provide the details of the documents you have provided. After successful verification, your number will be activated within half an hour.

 When you don’t see the network for your existing sim, replace it with a new Airtel sim then call any valid number. They will redirect you to a recorded call where you will be asked to enter 5 digits OTP received on your alternate number, which you had given during the submission of the doc in the Airtel store. If you did not receive any OTP, enter incorrect OTP 4 times, then they will ask you to enter details of the document you had submitted for me. They asked the last four digits of the Aadhar card and year of birth; then, your sim will activate in 15 min, Min 4 hrs Max 48 hrs Avg 24 hrs.

how to activate airtel 4g sim

Earlier, the process was lengthy and time-taking like submission of documents and activation and verification via call, but now it’s simpler with the help of EKYC (Electronically know your customer) with the Bio-metrics verification i.e., fingerprint verification, so now the SIM starts within minutes no need of any documents, Just Aadhar no., the Amount and few minutes(less than 5) and you are good to go.


In case of a foreign national

The activation usually takes up to two days. It can be activated way before as well. After two days, just restart your device. You will receive the signal, which your sim has been registered.

The company ( Airtel) must have provided you with a number to call. Just call that number. It will be an automated IVR call which will ask you your Date of birth year and the last 5-6 digit of the passport.

The sim is activated within 15 mins. The above is applicable to all companies.

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