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Whatsapp with new features-Latest Features you must know about

WhatsApp is the popular messaging application in the world and here are five hidden functions you may not know

WhatsApp is publicly the largest and most respected messaging application in the world. The Facebook-owned service recently announced it has 1,500 million monthly active users. 

As the app is installed on millions of devices worldwide, the service is believed to be used to send 60 billion messages every day.

As its users continue to grow day by day, WhatsApp continues to release new features and updates in an effort to keep its followers happy.

If you're a regular WhatsApp client, here are five hidden functions you didn't know existed.

Watch YouTube videos from WhatsApp

If someone now sends you a fun YouTube video, you never have to leave the app to watch it again. The latest update allows you to watch all videos from the popular site directly from the app. 

All one should do is touch the play button, and the video will start in the floating window, then move them across the screen.

You can watch the clip while conversing in the app. You will now jump between different chats without pausing or closing the clip.

Add location-based stickers for your photos and videos

If you want to customize before sending a photo, you can now add some unique stickers via WhatsApp. The announced service now allows users to tag space and current time by sending a photo and video to an individual recipient or group chat.

To add these effects to your photos, you first need to open up a conversation with someone. Then, press the + icon and touch the photo and video library, select the photo you want to retouch, and then select the smiley face at the top of the screen. It launches stickers, where you find time and location options that can be placed flat on the image.

Send money to friends - coming soon

If you owe it to your friends, WhatsApp has a new simple method for transfers without having to leave the chat window. The experiment comes after the beta version of the new point-to-point payment system was tested for nearly a million WhatsApp users.

The messaging application now displays functionality for every user in India, its largest market. WhatsApp has launched a limited service in India which currently has more than 200 million customers. 

The news follows Facebook Messenger, which recently announced that it would allow friends to send money through a messaging app.

Delete the message, but you need to do it quickly

If you send something by mistake, don't forget that you can delete it quickly. To delete a message, touch it. Later, you will see a pop-up window with quick links that say "Reply, Forward, Copy and Delete". Clicking the Delete icon and selecting "Delete All" will permanently delete the message. This feature works for all types of messages, but only if they are sent in under seven minutes.

You can hide being online

If you want to know the world for the last time online, there is an easy way to prevent WhatsApp from transmitting this personal data.

To make it most useful for your friends to prevent you from finding your last one online, you can hide your last visit.

Here's how to do it: Settings> Account> Privacy> Last seen. Just as you turn off read receipts, hiding your "last time you saw" time also prevents you from seeing someone else.

WhatsApp for iOS

WhatsApp Webster 2703 for iOS | Pixabay


We all need ten features that are not yet in WhatsApp

These are 10 WhatsApp functions that we want to make better use of the platform.

WhatsApp is completely transformed in 2020: these are its ten wonders

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How To Make Stickers For WhatsApp With Your Face, Step By Step

Billions of users worldwide use WhatsApp as their main communication tool. This situation means that any change in the platform, at least, affects a large number of people.

In this sense, we've recently been talking about the transformation of WhatsApp in 2020, with news about the dark mode, browser, QR codes, and more.

However, what features should be introduced to make WhatsApp even better? We talk about what we want the most, according to which users share on social networks.

Who has seen my profile picture?

This is also the most sought-after features on virtually any social network: knowing who's visiting our profile. Unfortunately, it is not possible to know any of them except LinkedIn.

There is an interesting side to all of you that want to know who entered our WhatsApp chat and that you saw our photo even if you eventually chose not to write to us. Will that feature ever come on the platform?

Group surveys

Certainly, you are in a typical WhatsApp group with dozens of friends or family in which they do not stop talking regardless of the time or day of the year, and they continue to do whatsapping.

However, the real problem emerges when all the members of the group have to make an important decision. I want them to get surveys in groups! Everything becomes much easier.

Schedule messages

Programming messages is another thing we miss. Some may not need it, but most forgetful people will certainly appreciate being able to schedule a message to greet a family member or friend's birthday. It is very easy to implement and very useful feature.

Featured messages in groups

For those who are unfamiliar, Telegram already allows you to anchor the message to a group so that all users in the group can read it as soon as they enter the chat. This function has many advantages, especially the lazy one who likes to read hundreds of messages and keep the most important ones.

Chats and temporary groups

It is very common to create groups for a specific event, be it a trip, celebration, or any similar variant. In fact, after the event is over, the group dies instantly, and no one talks about it until the end of time.

Mobile with WhatsApp

Mobile with WhatsApp rawpixel

In this sense, it would be great if WhatsApp had the opportunity to create temporary groups and chats, for example, after they reached a certain date, at least, so we stop gathering groups without stopping.

Birthday Notices

Yes, before we forget to program messages and congratulate our loved ones, but still, it's even better if WhatsApp informs us on the same day that our contacts are years old.

This feature has been on Facebook for some years, and many people want it to be on WhatsApp too. That function saves hundreds of relationships!

'Smoke Bomb' in groups

Although there are already ways to avoid being added to groups you do not want to be in, sometimes we are already inside, and we cannot avoid that first step. However, it is very interesting to leave the group without informing the other members.

This way, the rest of the episode won't find you quit or wonder if the last message made you feel bad. The atmosphere of that chat will not interest you. Virtual 'Smoke Bomb'.

Mute users from the group

Yes, we already know that you are only in WhatsApp groups who want to be with your own decision. However, sometimes he cannot stand every time he writes in a group.

If you are identified, you are grateful that WhatsApp has allowed you to silence a specific user. Let's hope we see that development someday!

Use at the same time on different phones
WhatsApp offers many benefits to users at a communicative level. However, its biggest problem comes when we change phones. After more than ten years of existence,

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